Title: Plastic Package Mould Expert
Tags: Package Mould
Blog Entry: SHINE Mould is a well-known plastic  Package Mould  expert in China. Cosmetic packaging molds, pharmaceutical packaging molds, food packaging, etc. These molds are our main business. As for plastic packaging, many things happen in our brains, such as cosmetic packaging, pharmaceutical packaging, and food packaging. There is no doubt that plastic packaging is closely related to people's lives. SHINE Package Mould has the following characteristics: -High-grade steel, the hardness can reach 45-50 after heat treatment. -Each cavity is self-locking to ensure a lower section rate and parts accuracy. -The best cooling system to achieve fast cycle time. -Long mold life -Prototype production is available. After years of hard work, we have opened many foreign markets. The main markets are Russia, Australia, Mexico, the Middle East, South America, and Southeast Asia. If you trust us, please send us the mold project. At the same time, we also produce  Stool Mould , we will be confident to make unexpected high-quality molds for you.