Matters Needing Attention In Purchasing Lip Gloss Tube
Posted On 31/08/2020 03:06:09 by jinyii

Since the beginning of 2016, all kinds of make-up products have become popular in the market, which has driven the overall market of upstream packaging materials factories of make-up, with many kinds of make-up. As an important category of cosmetic packaging materials, Lip gloss tube are being gradually accepted by the public. Because the material and molding process of lip gloss tubes are very similar to those of Mascara Container, suppliers of mascara containers will add lip gloss tubes as packaging materials in their packaging materials manufacturing categories. Lip gloss tube is an indispensable part of make-up packaging material, and the purchaser should pay special attention to the following points in the purchase of lip gloss tube:

1. A perfect lip gloss tube depends 50% on the material body and 50% on the package material.

2. The shape of material and lip gloss determines the effect of lip gloss coating at the same time.

3. The inner plug of the lip gloss tube is also very important. The tightness of the inner plug controls the amount of material pulled out, that is, the amount pulled out can not be more or less. Only when the amount is uniform can the perfect effect be painted.

4. At present, many manufacturers in China are in a state of focusing only on appearance, but not on functionality. As purchasing personnel, they must know the requirements of packaging materials (effect, material brush head, patent of lip gloss tube, if they are brand customers, they should pay more attention to choosing international manufacturers with patented brush heads)

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