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Do You Know The Appearance Standard Of Lipstick Tube
Posted On 14/09/2020 04:55:08 by jinyii

The appearance quality requirements of lipstick tube are as follows:

1. Basic standard of appearance: the Lipstick Tube body should be smooth and complete, with smooth and regular nozzle, uniform thickness, no crack, water mark gap, scar and deformation, and no obvious burr or front on the mold closing line.

2. Surface and graphic printing

(1) Text and pattern: it is required to be consistent with the company's sample manuscript, and the text and pattern must be clear a... Read More

Matters Needing Attention In Purchasing Lip Gloss Tube
Posted On 31/08/2020 03:06:09 by jinyii

Since the beginning of 2016, all kinds of make-up products have become popular in the market, which has driven the overall market of upstream packaging materials factories of make-up, with many kinds of make-up. As an important category of cosmetic packaging materials, Lip gloss tube are being gradually accepted by the public. Because the material and molding process of Lip gloss tubes are very similar to those of Mascara Container, suppliers of mascara containers will add Lip gloss tub... Read More

The Packaging Of Aluminum Lipstick Case Affects Its Position In Women's...
Posted On 10/08/2020 03:46:44 by jinyii

With the increasing improvement of national living standards, the consumption of cosmetics and health care skin care products has increased year by year, and has greatly increased in recent years. The packaging materials of Aluminum Lipstick Case are light in weight, bright in color, elegant and luxurious, durable and easy to be processed, molded and coated, which is favored by the cosmetics packaging industry. Vacuum-plated companion paper has the advantages of metallic luster, easy p... Read More

Why Is It Difficult For Aluminum Lipstick Tube
Posted On 06/07/2020 02:58:41 by jinyii

Aluminum Lipstick Tube is the most complicated and difficult of all cosmetic packaging materials. First of all, it is necessary to understand why aluminum lipstick tube is difficult and why there are so many requirements. Lipstick tube is composed of multiple components. Functional packaging made of different materials can also be divided into volatile type and non-volatile type (airtight/non-airtight) from the material body. In addition, most filling is automatically filled by ma... Read More

Lip Gloss Tube Has More Market Space
Posted On 22/06/2020 04:08:50 by jinyii

Over the years, Lip gloss Tube packaging has become more and more diversified. Metal, alumina, acrylic, plastic, glass, various Lip gloss tube packaging have brought rich market influence to the market.

As for the packaging of Lip gloss tube, people first noticed the good appearance. Therefore, regardless of the cost, many types of advanced packaging cooperation forms are used in the packaging of Lip gloss tubes, such as metal and glass. This type of packaging does have a very goo... Read More

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