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Buying Guide For Heat Transfer Paper
Posted On 07/09/2020 06:29:50 by gaobao

The Heat transfer paper is intended for use on garments or other substrates with cotton, cotton blend fabrics, or synthetic fabrics as polyester, nylon, and Lycra. Transfer paper can permanently transfer onto these substrates, thanks to the polymer film that bonds the ink and fabric together. It is available in the standard U.S. letter and tabloid sizes of 8.5" x 11" and 11" x 17", respectively. As mentioned earlier, using Heat transfer paper allows you to print full-color images on a... Read More

Do You Know Health Benefits of Gunpowder 3505?
Posted On 31/08/2020 04:21:58 by gaobao

GUNPOWDER 3505 has innumerable number of benefits. It is your best friend when it comes to health and consuming it daily will bring wonders to your health. Green tea has many health benefits such as reducing blood pressure and cholesterol, boosting immunity, detoxifying your body etc.

Benefits of Green tea
Another main health benefit of green tea is that it helps to burn body fat and reduces weight. There are various active compounds in green tea which helps to boost the effect... Read More

What Are Benefits Of Heat Transfer Paper?
Posted On 24/08/2020 07:14:13 by gaobao

Now that you know what equipment is required for using Heat transfer paper, let’s talk about the benefits!

As you already know, an inexpensive laser or inkjet printer is all that is needed. Plus, you don’t need any special inks! Use the same printer and ink that you use at home for printing documents.
The Heat transfer paper allows for full-color designs with a single layer. You don't need multiple layers of vinyl, which means only one press! Plus, you can get looks that ar... Read More

How To Use The Glow In The Dark Heat Transfer Printing Film?
Posted On 17/08/2020 06:55:06 by gaobao

This Is About The Glow In The Dark Heat transfer printing film Application
The Glow In The Dark Heat Transfer Film can be cut to a shape for any kind of logos. You can Heat it into your clothing and it will be very cool at night time

The Material is for Glow coating+PET

Product Feature: High Reflectance, Solid Hot Connecting, Anti-water Resistance, Environment-Friendly,non-harm for people

Principal of Glow: RareEarth Store the light

Product Specification: 0.94*2... Read More

Do You Know How To use Heat Transfer Paper?
Posted On 10/08/2020 07:25:18 by gaobao

How to use Heat transfer paper: Step 1
Grab the paper you want your drawing transferred to. Tape the paper securely to a board or table so it's not going to move during the transfer. Be generous with the tape and really rub it down hard so it grabs tight.

Trust me, you do NOT want this moving half way through your transfer.

If you are transferring to canvas, you can skip this step.
Image showing how to tape down paper for graphite transfer by Fiona Valentine
S... Read More

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