Subject: Guide To Get Free Runescape Membership
Content: I think thats on the OSRS gold armours. Sacred clay armour- convinced it could transform into various armour and is mild, but it has the very same stats has the f2p counter parts. The has no use in members should have given it to f2p. Ancient warriors- It only works for a hour afterward it illuminates what a fantastic way to waste 10 million, what's the point the stats aren't amazing and they're a rare drop. I had been woodcutting in Lletya or however you spell it. I had been wearing this: Silly Jester outfit from Fremmenik Isles, Firemaking cape, fire gloves, ring of fire, Inferno adze, Damaged Zamorak book, and also a Lucky rabbit's foot. My stock was full of logs, a little bit of money, like 300 gp, and a tiny elf crystal for lleyta teleports. I had been running toward llyeta when I started to lag, but I was right by these lvl 88 wolves. I lost my link and I thought,"OhI guess I will be safe from these wolves because I clicked a secure spot." When I logged in again, I was dead! And I started to panic! The only things in my personal inventory were my firemaking cape and two magical logs! So I got my buddy to come into my world and fix my tomb! I got to my own gravestone with a minute left, so he mended it again! I was very relieved. As I was gathering up all my supplies... I understood there was something very, VERY wrong... All that was beneath my grave was that the strung rabbits foot, ruined publication, tiny elf crystal item, my 24 other magic logs, along with my 358 gp!! And I was thinking,"Where in the sam hell is my Inferno Adze!?" I started to panic again! There was nothing under my gravestone!! I had been so mad that not just my inferno adze was gone, but my silly jester material, and my ring of fire and flame glasses! I didn't get it!! Where did all my pursuit items and minigame things go!? Can they just disappear when I inadvertently died and tucked out? So I am livid right now... I need someone to explain what's occurred and why. I'm going to contact Jagex and ask them why I can't get some of my things back that Cheap RuneScape gold they said were guaranteed to have back if you expired.