Title: Buy faucets, don’t miss these details
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Blog Entry: With the improvement of living standards, details often become an important factor in sophistication. Whether it is a three-to-five-square-meter bathing area, a kitchen that is indispensable for three meals a day, or an outdoor balcony, faucets are not to be ignored. The faucet is an important interface for us to deal with water, so in the process of purchasing, paying attention to the quality of the faucet has become an important rigid condition. From the perspective of space use, different areas should consider how to choose faucets based on the size, functionality, and practicality of their space. Kitchen faucet: If the kitchen area is not large, then choosing a single faucet is the most suitable. Single-handle faucets are mainly divided into desktop single-handle faucets and single-handle pull-out faucets. The desktop single-handle faucet is more common in the kitchen. One handle makes the operation very simple. It is practical to adjust the size of the water flow and the water temperature by adjusting it up, down, left and right. The advantage of the single-handle pull-out faucet is that it can more easily clean the corners and corners of the kitchen interior, as well as places that are out of reach of ordinary faucets, expand the cleaning area, and bring convenience to kitchen cleaning. Bathroom basin faucet: You can use the pull-out single-handle faucet, which is convenient for receiving water to wash clothes or flushing the floor of the bathroom. Although it occupies a little larger space than a single-handle faucet, its characteristics have been brought into full play. For those with more space, consider installing a desktop double-handle faucet, including a wall outlet faucet. Bathtub faucet: There are two types of, one is a shower faucet, which is directly used for the shower faucet, and generally has a hot and cold mixing control function. The other is the bathtub faucet, which is installed on one side of the bathtub and also has a hot and cold mixing control switch. Most of the materials are ceramic valve cores. The valve body of the faucet is generally made of brass, which can prevent leakage and wear. Balcony washing machine, laundry sink faucet: Someone puts a washing machine or laundry pool on the balcony, and the faucet of the washing machine can be a single faucet directly, and the faucet of the washing pool needs a double faucet, so that the hot and cold water pipes can be adjusted together when washing clothes. YUSON is a professional faucet manufacturer, welcome to click on our official website to purchase online: