Title: Pot Magnet's work
Tags: Magnet
Blog Entry: What are the uses of pot magnets ? There are many ways to use magnetic bases and these are some of their applications: Lamps. The magnet is attached to the end of the light to keep it on the metal in a roof. Exhibition posters. They can be used to place an exhibition poster on a stand for marketing purposes, for example, at a trade fair. Hooks. Magnetic bases can be fitted with an additional hook and can be used to hang items such as cups on the refrigerator door. Meter base. An articulated measuring arm, for example, can also be used as a magnetic base for meters. An articulated measuring arm is used to accurately position objects. Doorstops. Among the uses of magnetic bases also stand out as door stops, to prevent the door from closing to the wall keeping it open. Magnet parts: Magnet. The north pole of the magnetic base is located in the center of the magnet, and the south pole surrounds the outer edge. When the magnet is attached to the ferromagnetic material, the configuration of the magnetic poles creates a closed circuit, thereby providing a stronger grip. Closed circuit means that when the ferromagnetic material is attached to the magnet, the magnetic field will be trapped inside the ferromagnetic material. Steel houses. The steel cover is the outer shell of the magnet, which can protect it from any chipping or cracking and demagnetization caused by contact with hard surfaces. The magnetic base can provide resistance to the magnet and concentrate it on a magnetic surface, so that the magnetic field strength is 32 times stronger than other magnets. This means that it can fix large objects, such as supermarket signs, from the ceiling without any other support. Divider. The spacer or partition acts as a barrier between the magnet and the steel housing to prevent any demagnetization of the magnet by the steel. The element can be made of brass or plastic. rubber. The top of the steel shell of the magnetic base can be coated with rubber, so that it can be used on surfaces where the user does not want to scratch magnetic objects (such as the roof of a car). As has been said, the operation of magnetic bases is basic: They attach to ferromagnetic materials, unlike permanent magnets, where the magnetic field lines extend around the magnet and do not focus on the surface to which the magnet attaches. Thanks for reading our article. We, Ningbo Tengxiao Magnetic Industry Co., Ltd., not only have Pot Magnet, but also magnetic name badge and other products. Welcome to contact us, we will provide you with quality service.