Title: YUSON's faucet types are very complete
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Blog Entry: Faucets can be seen everywhere in daily life, let's talk about the types of faucets. 1. Ordinary cold water faucet: also known as tap faucet. Installed on the tap water pipeline for water discharge. According to the valve body material, it can be divided into three types: copper faucet, malleable iron faucet and cast iron faucet. The latter two are widely used. The nominal diameter is generally 15mm, 20mm, and 25mm, and the nominal pressure is 0.6MPa. 2. Hot water faucet: It is installed on hot water pipes, boiling water boilers, electric boiling water stoves, tea buckets, and warm water buckets to discharge water. The structure is a plug type, that is, the valve core and the valve body directly contact and seal with a 1:7 taper, and the water flow is opened and closed by the rotation of the valve core. They are all made of brass, and the surface is polished or chrome plated. The nominal pressure is 0.15MPa, the nominal diameter is 15-25mm, and the operating temperature is less than 100℃. 3. Basin faucet: installed on the ceramic lavatory, used to open cold or hot water. The structure is generally screw lifting type, that is, the screw is raised and lowered by the rotation of the handle to discharge or close the water. Made of brass and chrome-plated on the outside. The valve body has various shapes and handles, which are highly decorative. The nominal pressure is 0.6MPa, the nominal diameter is 15mm, and the operating temperature is less than 100°C. Some basin faucets are also equipped with a falling water lifting rod, which can be directly lifted to open the sink of the washing machine to drain sewage. 4. Bathtub faucet: installed above one side of the bathtub, used to open hot and cold mixed water. The one that can be connected to the cold and hot pipes is called the duplex type; in addition to the cold and hot pipes, the one that is also connected to the valve body with a shower nozzle device is called the triple type. The structure of the opening and closing water flow is generally a spiral lifting type, and the temperature of the mixed water is controlled by adjusting the flow of cold and hot water by rotating the double handle. In recent years, the structure of handle temperature adjustment and constant temperature control has been developed. The single-handle thermostat bath faucet that appeared in the 1980s can be used for temperature adjustment and constant temperature control with a single handle, which is more convenient to use and has a more compact structure. The bathtub faucet is mostly made of brass, and the exterior is chrome-plated, and the shape requirements are coordinated with other accessories in the bathroom. YUSON can offer faucet, shower faucet , basin faucet, kitchen faucet, and also bidet faucet, bathtub, comply with different markets requirements, with competitive prices and stable quality. Faucet types are complete, and you are welcome to buy online.