Title: Stool Mould Has High Quality Requirements
Tags: Stool Mould
Blog Entry: We are committed to providing customers with high-quality  Stool Mould  according to their requirements. We continue to improve the methods that benefit our customers and help them achieve outstanding production capacity at a very low cost.   The detailed specifications of the stool mould we manufacture: Number of cavities: Due to the size of the stool and the design of the mold, the number of cavities is usually one. Cavity and core steel: We provide a variety of stool mold steels for customers to choose, such as P20, 718, S136, H13, #45, etc. High-quality steel is the basis for long tool life and high product quality. All the steel materials we provide are produced by well-known steel manufacturers at home and abroad, and the quality is guaranteed. Heat treatment and hot rolling: We entrust a professional company for heat treatment. Different technologies are used in different components and steels to ensure better polishing and service life. After pretreatment, the hardness of the stool mold core and cavity can reach HRC 32-36. Mold processing: All parts are processed by CNC lathes, and the assembly of the stool mold is completed by a manufacturer with more than 10 years of rich experience. Mold injection volume: good steel, reasonable heat treatment and precise processing, the stool mold injection volume can reach at least 30 million. Cycle time: 20-32S   We can provide you with stool samples and high-quality cases that we produce for customers. At the same time, we also produce Children Toy mould to provide you with the most satisfactory stool and  Children Toy mould  technical solutions.