Title: Round Enameled Copper Wire Has Good Thermal Stability
Tags: Round Enameled Copper Wire
Blog Entry: Round Enameled Copper Wire is an electromagnetic wire with a round copper conductor. The enameled wire conforms to the standard EN 13601Cu-ETP copper conductor, and the inner ring of polyester (imide) and the outer layer of polyamide-imide is used as winding wires composed of insulating materials. The heat-resistant grade of enameled wire is 200, and the enameled wire has high heat resistance. The polyamide-imide insulating layer has good durability and thermal stability and has a very small surface friction coefficient, so it has excellent mechanical wear resistance. In addition, it also has excellent chemical resistance, such as alkalis, washing powders, detergents, and immersion-injection-casting materials, thinners, solvents, refrigerants, and steam. Check the compatibility with special materials during use. After the connection is peeled off by tin, it is directly bonded, soldered, crimped, etc. Excellent performance makes enamel paint a comprehensive product, and it requires high corrosion resistance, high processability or high reliability in various fields. Like Rectangular Enameled Copper Wire , they are widely used in motors, generators and transformers of various sizes, especially in areas with special requirements for machinery and chemistry, such as refrigerators.