Title: Garden Lights Manufacturers Introduces The Strategy Of Using Landscape Lights
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Blog Entry: Garden Lights Manufacturers introduces the common problems and solutions of solar landscape lights: 1. The battery of the solar landscape lamp is damaged (accounting for 80% of the cause) Solar energy landscape light battery: lead-acid battery (life of about 2 years), gel battery (life of about 3 years), lithium battery (life of 5 years and 6 years). Since the early solar landscape lights used lead-acid batteries (cheaper prices), after 1 to 2 years of use, even if it is not damaged, but the service life is reached, it will affect the charging and discharging functions, causing the solar street lights to turn on. Shortened, solar landscape lights are not bright and other problems are observed. 2. The solar garden light controller is damaged (accounting for 10% of the cause of the problem) The controller of the solar street light controls the parameters such as the charging and discharging time of the solar landscape light and the voltage and power. Under the condition that the quality is not too hard, if the natural environment is struck by rain or lightning or other reasons, it will cause the controller to fail to work normally, resulting in control Damage to the device. Of course, the damage of the battery will also cause damage to the controller. 3. The light source of the solar landscape lamp is damaged (accounting for 10% of the cause) The light source of the lamp holder of the solar landscape lamp will not be damaged under normal conditions. If it is considered to be damaged, another matter is that when the battery is damaged, it may cause instantaneous damage to the light source. Through the above introduction, China Solar Wall Light Manufacturers hopes that you can simply refer to the content of this article in future use.