Title: Shengjiu strictly controls the quality of every mould
Tags: Medical Mould
Blog Entry: Yuhuan Shengjiu Mould Co.,Ltd is the leader in disposable medical instruments mould industry. Today we will briefly talk about the customization process of Medical Mould . Friends in need can take a look: 1. Analyze the product moulding process, mould structure and manufacturing process. Ensure that the life of the mould meets the requirements of customers. 2. Design a complete mould structure and processed parts, and propose assembly requirements and injection moulding process requirements. 3. Fully analyze the appearance quality defects of plastic parts (such as shrinkage, etc.) or mould structure problems before opening the mould (Such as parting surface setting, gate setting, mould life cannot be guaranteed, etc.) 4. mould appearance: The appearance of the mould must be free of rust, bumps, defects and other module defects. 5. mould transportation: mould transportation must be equipped with a clamping piece, the packaging is firm and rust-proof. 6.mould information: At the same time as the mould is delivered, a complete set of mould wearing parts and maintenance reference materials are provided. If you want to know more, please contact us: Oxygen Mask Mould .