Title: Wholesale Solar Garden Lights Supplier Introduces The Skills Of Selecting Solar Street Lights
Tags: Wholesale Solar Garden Lights
Blog Entry: There are many types of street lamps sold in the market, the prices are also very different, and the quality is also uneven. The development of solar street lamp manufacturers has also made great progress. But for consumers, how to choose when making a purchase? Because there are many lawbreakers, they will use some poor quality materials for processing and production, so the quality of the street lights produced is not guaranteed. Then Wholesale Solar Garden Lights supplier will introduce the precautions for choosing solar street lights. 1. It is necessary to understand the components, and there are relatively more detailed types of components. There are mainly battery panels, solar batteries, solar controllers, light sources and other corresponding components. Therefore, when selecting solar cells, factors such as the raw materials, color difference, charging current, open circuit voltage, and conversion power of photovoltaic panels should also be considered. When selecting a battery, it is necessary to understand the detailed type, discharge rate, and working environment. Of course, when selecting the controller, you should also understand the waterproof function. 2. Of course, when making the selection, you should also understand the detailed matching status. Many solar street lamp manufacturers, the products produced by the lighting, the corresponding stability is not so strong, the main reason is that there are corresponding problems in matching. The matching function is one of the very important indicators, so it is very important to understand the corresponding matching function. 3. This reminds consumers that when distinguishing between good and bad solar street lights, they should also have an understanding of the detailed environment. Due to different climates, the corresponding raw material requirements will naturally be different at the time of selection. Through the above introduction, China Solar Wall Light Manufacturers hopes that you can simply refer to the content of this article in future use.