Title: The materials for custom adjustable desks should be environmentally friendly
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Blog Entry: At present, auxiliary equipment such as educational facilities, educational equipment, and teaching appliances are becoming more and more important to educators and related departments. Therefore, custom adjustable desk came into being. At CONTUO Desk, we've been purveyors of comfortable, healthy work, otherwise known as "ergonomics". We have a custom adjustable desk that is very popular with people. The difference between a traditional desk and an adjustable desk: Traditional desk: The height and angle are fixed, and the human body is bent on the desk and chair. It is easy to cause eye, neck and back pressure due to improper visual distance and sitting posture. Adjustable desk: to provide users with a beautiful and healthy environment, which is conducive to health. The following are the key points for purchasing an adjustable desk: 1. Safety comes first The lines of the desk should be smooth and smooth, with round or curved edges. In addition, it is best to shake a few vigorously when purchasing. Furniture with loose structure and swaying feeling cannot be requested. 2. The materials used should be environmentally friendly The material of the desk should be environmentally friendly and odorless, and the surface coating should have the characteristics of not fading and not easy to scratch, and you must choose a desk and chair with plastic veneer or other harmless paint. 3. The size selection is scientific Choose products that conform to ergonomic principles. 4. Smart color coordination The choice of desks and chairs should be coordinated with other furniture in the room The custom adjustable desk provided by Shaoxing Contuo Transmission Technology Co., Ltd. is safe and environmentally friendly, as well as ergonomic. You can visit our official website for specific information: custom adjustable desk .