Title: The role of electric height adjustable desk
Tags: custom adjustable desk
Blog Entry: There are many types of desks, and the main function of desks is to facilitate the work of employees. The height adjustable desk is a type of desk, which can be adjusted according to the height of the user. It is suitable for the needs of people of different heights who require comfortable office. It realizes office freedom and conforms to the trend of the times. The height adjustable desk is mainly composed of three parts: motor, desk frame and desk board. The motor can achieve the purpose of lifting; the table frame part is mostly metal, and the style is generally relatively simple; the table board part is commonly used in solid wood, bamboo, etc. There are usually two steps when assembling the height adjustable desk. The first step is to combine the table frame, that is, to combine the table legs, the table frame parts, and the motor; the second step to fix the table board. The lifting and lowering of the desk is free and will not interfere with the work being done; and the height adjustable desk is easy to operate and can automatically adjust the height; secondly, the height adjustable desk has a memory storage function, and the most suitable height can be selected according to the height of the user; Fourth, the design of the height adjustable desk is generally simple and generous, which is in line with the international office trend. Finally, using the height adjustable desk is good for physical and mental health, can improve the work efficiency of users, and can enliven the workplace atmosphere. Using a height adjustable desk can effectively prevent spine and cervical disease; control weight, maintain a good figure, and reduce the incidence of diabetes. In addition, the height adjustable desk is conducive to the realization of office freedom, in line with the development trend of the times, and is very practical for those who pursue fashion or want to maintain their health and body shape. With the emergence of more and more height adjustable desks, their types are also increasing. There are many types of height adjustable desks, including hand-operated height adjustable desk, manual height adjustable desk, electric height adjustable desk and height adjustable desk. The hand-cranked lift table does not need to be powered on, can save energy, and there is no risk of leakage, and it is safer to use; but the hand-cranked lift table is usually slower and has a limited range of use, and is usually only suitable for primary and middle school students. The manual lifting table can manually adjust the height of the desktop according to the height of the user, and the price is relatively cheap, but its operation is relatively cumbersome and the service life is usually short. The electric lifting table is fast and easy to operate, but the price is relatively high, and it is more burdensome for newcomers who have just entered the workplace. Lifting table is the simplest method to achieve standing office. It does not need to be installed or even to change the desk. It only needs to be placed directly on the desk, but it cannot be freely switched between standing and sitting. The height adjustable desk can be assembled by itself, the assembly operation is relatively simple, and the structure of the height adjustable desk is very simple, mainly composed of table legs and panels, these parts can also be customized according to the user's preferences, this is custom adjustable desk .