Title: Outdoor String Lights Manufacturer Introduces The Knowledge Of Explosion-Proof Floodlights
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Blog Entry: Today, the Outdoor String Lights Manufacturer will teach you how to use explosion-proof floodlights: 1. Confirm the installation position of the lamp and ballast box, select the appropriate installation method, and prepare the dedicated three-core cable of the corresponding length; 2. After fixing the lamp and the ballast box with screws, screw out the side cover screws with the M6 ‚Äč‚ÄčAllen key, remove the side cover and insert one end of the prepared three-core cable through the explosion-proof joint to introduce the wiring cavity. Wiring inside; connecting to the corresponding position of the terminal block, the yellow wire is connected to the ground wire; after connecting, tighten the side cover screw, and then tighten the explosion-proof joint and the cable compression screw; 3. Passing one end of the three-core power supply cable through the introduction device of the ballast box input port, respectively corresponding to the terminal marked on the terminal block in the ballast box; 4. Connect one end of the cable connecting the power supply through the input device of the ballast input port to the input terminal, then close the tail cap of the ballast box and tighten the screw, and press the other end of the cable line according to the explosion-proof requirements. It can be illuminated by turning on the 220V power supply. Through the above introduction, Low Voltage Outdoor String Lights Manufacturer hopes that you can simply refer to the content of this article in future use.