Title: Hang Custom Curtain Rod In Correct Methods
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Blog Entry: I finally hung some curtains in my home studio/office area and I am absolutely thrilled with the final result! Aaaand, Custom Curtain rod is my most favorite of the bunch, so why not talk about it first?! You can snag this gorgeous warm gold curtain rod for as low as $24 on Amazon Prime. It comes with all the mounting hardware (as do most curtain rods/brackets) and the finials have a stunning modern angle. Hanging curtains is pretty basic, just make sure you have a strong drill, like my Ryobi impact drill since you’re drilling into the outside wall of your home. Here’s a step by step to hanging your curtains: 1. Hang the curtains up to roughly figure out where you want to hang your curtains. 2. Hang the first curtain bracket in your desired place by screwing your bracket straight into the wall. If by some chance your screws start stripping, then use the drywall anchors provided in your bracket kit. 3. Measure where you attached it on that first side, and mark the same location on the opposite side of your window. Before you attach it, use a friend to make sure it’s straight, or use an actual level. Then, drill that second bracket into the wall! 4. Run your curtain rod through the provided sewn curtain-pocket. 5. Hang your curtains! As we are one of the Curtain pole manufacturer , welcome to your come and purchase!