Title: Different Types of PP Quick Connect Fitting
Tags: pp compression fitting pp quick connect fitting
Blog Entry: The pp quick connect fitting are used in piping systems to change direction of the liquid flow, connect pipes of different sizes, change pipe diameter and branch the liquid flow from one pipe into multiple pipes. There are many different types of pp fitting. We offer all of the most varieties, including the following: 45 Elbow Reducing Elbow Tee Reducing Tee Barred Tees 90 Elbow LR & SR Cushion & Target Coupling Concentric Reducer Eccentric Reducer Stub End Cap 180 Return Bend 3R & 5R Bends Cross Lateral Reducing Lateral Swage Nipple Applications Though they are very effective, welded pipe fittings can be costly because of the skilled labor they require. Therefore, they are usually only used in applications that require high performance. These applications include chemical and nuclear reactors, as well as shipbuilding. If you are interested in pp compression fitting , welcome to your come and purchase!