Title: How to take the elevator correctly
Tags: passenger elevator
Blog Entry: 1. Never take one step across the door If you can always use the button to call the passenger elevator  in a proper manner and do not pick the door under any circumstances, then your safety factor in the elevator will be greatly increased. Because accident analysis shows that more than 70% of elevator accidents occur on the elevator doors, and most of them are related to the door. Why is this? Anyone who knows the structure of elevators knows that opening the elevator door from the outside is tantamount to a trap suddenly appearing in front of your feet; risk. Therefore, when taking the elevator, you must see clearly before stepping in, and then walk out after the ladder has stopped and the door is opened. In addition, when you use the button to call the elevator, or take the elevator to the destination floor, you have to step in and out after you see it. Although in this state, the elevator is also equipped with effective protection devices, there have been precedents of accidental elevator movement and injury. Therefore, it is best not to temporarily stay on the grounding belt at the sill and the ladder door, at least let your center of gravity deviate from the middle. 2. The trapped car does not come in disorder You may also accidentally get trapped in the elevator. This is normal like a traffic jam, so there is no need to panic, let alone picking, kicking, or fouling. You know, there is no danger of being trapped in the car, but chaos is the cause of the accident. This is also a major type of elevator accident. Because there are many reasons for the sudden stop of the elevator, it may be caused by a power outage, or it may be caused by other reasons. Before you know the reason, all reckless escape behavior is a blind risk. In fact, at this time, the most appropriate choice is to listen to the driver's greetings. If the elevator you are taking is in an automatic operation condition without a driver, then you should look for the alarm button on the control panel (or use the phone in the car) to call for help, because only safe and regulated rescue methods are the most reliable. 3. Don't be afraid of abnormalities If you are unlucky and you run out of control in the elevator car, then you should stay in it honestly without any harm. It will only endure a few shocks and vibrations. Because the elevator has several sets of reliable and thorough protection devices after losing control to protect you from a safe "landing". In this case, one is afraid that you will be overly alarmed, and the other is that you will run away from it. You know, the damage to escape at this time is more than that of being trapped in the car. In fact, in the event of an abnormal situation, staying in the car is the only safe choice. Other behaviors are dangerous. It can be seen that to be a safe Passenger Elevator Factory  really needs to be a little calmer.