Title: What is an escalator
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Blog Entry: An Escalator Supplier  is a fixed electric drive device with circular running steps that is used to tilt up or down to transport passengers. The escalator consists of a ladder road and handrails on both sides. Its main components include steps, traction chains and sprockets, guide rail system, main drive system, driving spindle, ladder road tensioning device, handrail system, comb plate, escalator frame and electrical system, etc. The steps move horizontally at the passenger entrance, and then gradually form steps; near the exit, the steps gradually disappear, and the steps move horizontally again. These movements are realized by the stepped main wheel and auxiliary wheel walking along different step guide rails respectively. Escalators, also known as automatic pedestrian elevators, escalators, and escalators, are a means of transporting pedestrians by means of conveyor belts. Electric elevators are generally inclined. When pedestrians stand on one end of the escalator, they will be automatically taken to the other end of the escalator. The steps will remain level along the way. There are handrails on both sides of the ladder that move synchronously with the steps for users to hold. The escalator can always walk in one direction, but most of them can be controlled by the manager according to the needs of time and flow of people. Another type of pedestrian transportation that is very similar to an escalator is a moving walk. The main difference between the two is that there are no steps on the moving walk; most of them only walk on flat ground or are slightly inclined. The core component of the escalator is two chains, which rotate around two pairs of gears. At the top of the escalator, a motor drives the transmission gear to rotate the chain ring. A typical escalator uses an engine to rotate gears. The engine and chain system are installed in a truss, which refers to a metal structure that extends between two floors. Unlike the conveyor belt moving a plane, the chain ring moves a set of steps. The most interesting thing about escalators is the way these steps move. When the chain moves, the steps remain level. At the top and bottom of the escalator, the steps fold over each other to form a platform. This makes it easier to get on and off the escalator. Each step on the escalator has two sets of wheels, which rotate along two separate tracks. The upper device is connected to a rotating chain and is pulled by a drive gear located on the top of the escalator. The wheels of the other groups just slide along the track and follow behind the wheels of the first group. The two tracks are separated from each other so that each step can be kept level. At the top and bottom of the escalator, the track is in a horizontal position so that the steps are flattened. There is a series of grooves inside each step to connect the two steps before and after it during the flattening process. In addition to rotating the main chain ring, the motor in the escalator can also move the handrails. The armrest is just a rubber conveyor belt that circulates around a series of wheels. The conveyor belt is precisely configured to move at exactly the same speed as the steps, making the passengers feel stable. The escalator system is not capable of raising people up to dozens of floors like an elevator, but it is very suitable for providing short distance transportation. This is because of the high load rate of the escalator. After the elevator is full, other people can only get on the elevator after it reaches the designated floor and returns. On the China escalator company , as long as one person reaches the upper floor, it will make room for others.