Title: Can We Use Light Colored Heat Transfer Paper on Dark Fabrics?
Tags: heat transfer paper heat transfer printing film
Blog Entry: You see, light-colored heat transfer paper use a transparent polymer film. When pressed onto a light colored fabric, the image retains its color and vibrancy. Then, the empty space surrounding the image shows up as the color of the fabric. Conversely, when you use the same light-colored transfer paper on a dark fabric, your image colors can become muted and as the color of the shirt will show through the print. The empty space takes the color of the fabric as well. Quite different from light color transfer papers, dark color transfer paper uses white opaque polymer film. This white opaque polymer allows the image color to show up without distortion. However, when using dark color transfer paper on dark fabrics, the area around the image appears white on your projects. To avoid transferring the empty white space alongside the image, you’ll have to cut it before the transfer process. You can do this by hand or with a vinyl cutter like USCutter MH. The heat transfer printing film is also one of our products, welcome to your come and purchase!