Title: China Curtain Rod Supplier Gives Suggestions On How To Remove Mold
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Blog Entry: Begin by vacuuming or brushing your curtains to remove the mould or mildew. You may want to do this outside or wear a mask to prevent the harmful spores from being inhaled. If you choose to use your vacuum instead of a brush then remember to dispose of the vacuum bag after use. Once you have removed as much of the mould with your vacuum or stiff-bristled brush you can begin the washing process. If your curtains are machine washable this should be a relatively easy task. Ensure you follow the washing instructions correctly, China curtain rod supplier recommended that you wash each curtain separately to stop any contamination. If your curtains are dry clean only, then take them to a professional. Make sure you inform your chosen dry cleaner about the mould or mildew. This is extremely important as some dry cleaning processes could make your problem worse. Once washed it’s then time to dry your curtains. If you’re lucky the above steps should be all that's needed to rid your curtains of any mould spots. However, just to be on the safe side it’s recommended that you let the curtains air dry. Don’t risk putting your curtains through the dryer just in case there’s still mould present as blasting the mould with hot air could make it harder to remove. We are Chinese curtain rod supplier , welcome to your come and purchase!