Title: Optical Fiber Distribution Box Introduction
Tags: Optical Fiber Distribution Box
Blog Entry: Optical Fiber Distribution Box ,they make it easy to terminate fiber optic cables and provide access to a single fiber of the cable for cross connection. The basic fiber optic panel is usually a metal housing that surrounds the adapter panel and fiber optic splice tray. The connector tray can fuse the fiber with the pigtail, and then insert the pigtail into the fixed internal port on the adapter panel. The internal ports of the panel are usually fixed, which means that the cable will not be disconnected at any time. The external ports on the panel are dedicated to fiber optic jumpers. You can frequently insert and remove fiber optic jumpers as needed to arrange connections between devices. The fiber distribution frame has two compartments. One contains bulkhead jacks or adapters, and the other is used for splice trays and excess fiber storage.