Title: Knowing China Green Tea Preparation Can Give Help In Judging
Blog Entry: Let's say that you sample a variety of CHINA GREEN TEA to determine which of them has the best taste, body and aroma. The teas that you ultimately purchase might actually end up tasting different once you've brought them home. Since all of us have our unique ways of preparing tea, these various preparation techniques color how we taste our green tea. • Do you add milk to your tea? If so, you should add the usual amount to judge how well you like the green tea after it's been prepared the way you like. Now you'll be able to compare the taste of the green tea with and without milk. (See my other article – 10 Ways to Enjoy Matcha with Milk) • Add cold water or ice if you prefer to drink your green tea cold. (See my other article – how to cold brew green tea) • Do you infuse your teas? If so, test out how well your ingredients pair with your green tea selection. Fruits and herbs are two favorite types of flavor infusers. • Do you add any sweeteners to your tea before drinking? How does the addition of xylitol, honey or other sweetener blend with your green tea? Adding these various additives to your green tea will create a completely different flavor profile. Some of the flavors and aromas might be challenging. But don't shy away from teas that, when prepared, have a challenging flavor profile. Being challenged or being put on the spot may feel uncomfortable at first, but it could lead to a more satisfying experience down the line. You might not like a certain style of green tea that has a strange taste when milk or sweeteners are added. Often times if you persist and give the green tea a few more chances, that tea might turn out in the end to have much more longevity. It could be an initially challenging tea that you might love much more than the simpler tastes you are used to. CHINA GREEN TEA 9371 is one of our products, welcome to your come and purchase!