Title: Brew And Store China Green Tea As Such
Blog Entry: How to brew China green tea CHINA GREEN TEA benefits from steeping with water below boiling, so as to prevent bitterness or astringency. Whether you use a teapot, gaiwan, or basket infuser, we recommend water around 180° F and an infusion time of about 30 seconds to 2 minutes. Thin-walled pots and cups are ideal for Chinese greens, as they won’t cool down the hot water or trap excess heat in the vessel. However, compared to Japanese greens, Chinese green teas are somewhat less sensitive to overbrewing, so experiment with ratios, water temperature, and steeping times to find what works best for you. The most common method in China is the most simple: a tall, narrow glass with a pinch or two of tea leaves that is filled with hot water. After a minute or so of steeping, most of the tea leaves will have settled to the bottom, and it’s possible to drink straight from the glass using your lips and teeth as a filter. When about half the liquid has been consumed, the glass can be topped off with more hot water. Subsequent steepings may have a thinner texture, but due to the opening of the leaves, a stronger flavor with more potent vegetal notes. Good Chinese green teas can be steeped two or three times to extract a range of flavors, and they’re also deliciously refreshing when iced. An added benefit of this method is the chance to watch the leaves float and unfurl as they infuse. Chinese producers go to enormous effort to make beautiful-looking tea leaves, and on the specialty market, appearance is one of the attributes you’re paying for. We think the visuals absolutely add to the experience. Consider the way Chen describes a brew of bi luo chun in Four World-Famous Chinese Green Teas: With a glass cup, admire all around the beautiful dancing leaves. Now use your nose to enjoy the incredible fragrance, like fragrant snow, and use your eyes to admire the “snow within the ocean.” .… Drinking bi luo chun epitomizes the true art and pleasure of tea drinking. It is visual, palate-pleasing, sweet lingering, it lasts so long. How to store Chinese green tea As a fleeting taste of the season, Chinese green tea tastes most vibrant in the spring and summer after harvest. If stored well, however, it will retain its freshness for about a year. Keep your tea in an airtight container that’s not too large; the less oxygen packed in with the tea, the less the flavor will flatten over time. These glass canisters are handy for keeping headroom at a minimum, but since they’re transparent, the canisters should be kept in a cool, dark place away from sources of light, heat, and strong odors. CHINA GREEN TEA 9371 is one of our products, welcome to your come and purchase!