Title: Green Tea 3505 Water Requirements
Tags: GREEN TEA 3505
Blog Entry: Water quality has a great influence on the taste of GREEN TEA 3505  soup. The hardness of water directly affects the color of the tea soup and the solubility of the effective components of the tea. With high hardness, the color is yellow and brown, but the taste is light, while with severe astringency, the taste is bitter.  In addition, inferior water not only can't make good tea, but also can damage tea sets due to serious scale formation after long-term use.  Therefore, the water for making tea should be soft water or temporary hard water. Generally speaking, mineral water or mountain spring water is preferred, followed by well water. Natural spring water can make the tea soup taste better.  If tap water is used, let stand for 24 hours to volatilize chlorine.  The water filtered by a water filter is barely usable in ordinary households.  (The hardness of repeatedly boiled water increases, and it is not suitable to make tea).