Title: Commonly Used 4x8 pvc foam board
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Blog Entry: The 4x8 pvc foam board is one of the most popular mounting and frame backing board materials for photos and other items. The name 4x8 pvc foam board refers to the inner portion of the mount board, which gives it its rigidity —and makes it perfect for mounting photos. There are many different types of 4x8 pvc foam boards, varying in terms of thickness and suitability for archival framing. Your choice of mounting board depends on a few factors. The 4x8 pvc foam board Sizes Foam board, another name for 4x8 pvc foam board, is most commonly available in a 3/16- or 1/8-inch thickness. Though Frame Destination offers both at the same price, we often recommend selecting 3/16-inch 4x8 pvc foam board unless the rabbet of the picture frame — the recessed area inside the frame where the mount board, mat board and glazing sit — cannot accommodate it. A 3/16-inch backing board is also less likely to warp, providing additional stability for large picture frames. However, customers that sell photography in art shows will often use 1/8-inch foamcore mounting board when selling only matted artwork (i.e. frame packages that feature a mounting board but no frame) because they take up less space. Not only will more matted artwork will fit in display bins, they are easier to transport to and from shows. Archival Mount Board The second major concern is archivability, meaning whether or not it will prevent the artwork from degrading. The 4x8 pvc foam board is generally available in regular and acid-free versions, the latter of which are used for archival-quality framing. If you are concerned about the degradation of your artwork, the best option is the acid-free mounting board. Those that are not concerned with preserving their work and are looking for temporary framing solutions can select regular 4x8 pvc foam board. Regular 4x8 pvc foam board can be a cost-effective material for presentations and many craft projects.