Title: Practical Principles Of Low Voltage Light Manufacturers
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Blog Entry: Working principle and advantages of low voltage light manufacturer s Solar street light applications 1) The roads in the marginal areas such as villages and towns are connected to lighting. 2) City square, parking lot, school playground, workers' green space, park lighting. 3) Lighting for golf courses, beaches, high-end villa areas, etc. 4) Expressway warning signs, bridge street light power replacement, etc. Application principles of solar street lights 1.Practical principles The main purpose of applying solar street lights in urban lighting systems is to save energy consumption, but because it is relatively affected by weather factors, solar street lights may not fully meet the lighting requirements for cloudy days and areas with high power requirements. Based on this, in the design of the application, it is necessary to combine the design effect of the original street light system to increase solar power supply to achieve the complementarity of the mains power supply and the solar power supply, to ensure that the solar power supply can be switched to the mains power supply in a timely manner when the solar power supply is insufficient, improving the entire Application efficiency of lighting systems.