Title: Frame Diamond Painting Kit With 4x8 pvc foam sheet
Tags: 4x8 pvc foam sheet
Blog Entry: Framing your finished diamond painting can be quite the accomplishment and a rather satisfying experience. After all, you did put a lot of work into creating that beautiful piece of art so why not frame it and show it off? The problem is that frames can sometimes be a bit pricey. Not to worry, we are going to show you step by step how to create a frame using a 4x8 pvc foam sheet, which is a cheaper alternative to a standard art canvas. The Supply List These are the items that you will need: Spray adhesive Scissors Ruler Finished Diamond Painting Kits Foam board Utility knife What is 4x8 pvc foam sheet ? The 4x8 pvc foam sheet is light weight and made of rigid plastic foam with a paper or plastic coating and can be cut, glued, written or drawn on depending on its required use. It comes in a wide variety of sizes and can be used for many different projects. How to Frame Using 4x8 pvc foam sheet: Finish your Diamond Painting First, you will want to complete the diamond painting that you want to frame. Make sure it’s one that you love! Trim the Foam Measure and mark where you would like to cut using a pencil. We do not recommend marker or pen as it can smear and the ink doesn’t always dry immediately on the board. Trim the 4x8 pvc foam sheet with the utility knife. Try to do so as quickly, cleanly and safely as you can without going too off track from your original lines. Attach The Canvas To The Foam Board & Edging Next, glue the 4x8 pvc foam sheet. We recommend using a spray adhesive. Spray the glue on the board and wait about 30 seconds. Center the foam board over your canvas. Once you are satisfied you can gently place the board on the canvas. Flip the board over and begin smoothing the canvas out with your hand by pressing down and away from the center of the foam board. Continue to spray with the short ends of the foam board and along the long side one. The Finished Project Congrats, you have just framed your artwork! Now it’s time to hang it up and let that diamond painting shine and sparkle. The foam board is very light weight so hanging it shouldn’t be too much of a challenge.