Title: It Is Easy To Install After You Use The Method Of Chinese curtain rod supplier
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Blog Entry: Window treatments are a necessity. Whether it’s for style or for security, a curtain panel or roller blind can help spruce up a room and also keep nosey neighbors from getting too close of a look inside your home. Since curtains are so important, it’s necessary to find the panels that will serve you well without being a total headache to hang.   Which Curtains Are Easy To Install?   Eyelet curtains are the easiest to install. The header style, referred to as the eyelet, is a series of metal rings at the top of the curtain fabric. These rings slide over a standard curtain rod and then hang above the window. Eyelet curtains come in a wide variety of colours and styles, and are one of the most affordable curtain styles.   About Eyelet Curtains   Ready-Made   Eyelet curtains can vary from store to store. Our eyelets are stainless steel. The inner diameter is 40mm, which makes them suitable for curtain rods — not tracks. To easily install our eyelet curtains, use a rod that is 32mm in diameter or smaller.   Ready-made curtains means the curtains come as they are advertised. Choose from a variety of colours and styles, and then select the correct size. These orders typically ship within 24 hours of purchase and can be delivered within the week to any location.   Blockout   Blockout curtains are made from a thicker polyester material that helps keep sunlight out of the room. The blockout material can block 100 percent of the sunlight when the curtain is drawn. This is a great perk of a curtain style that is already easy to install. No more work for even more benefits.   Custom   If you can’t find a ready-made curtain panel that will suit your needs, check out our custom-made curtain panels. This way you can order exactly what you need and what you want without worrying about whether the panels will fit your style or window size or not.   Size Guide   The standard measurements below give a nice and full look. However, if you want more depth to your window treatments, simply order more panels and hang them on the same rod.   Two 120cm panels cover windows 100cm to 140cm   Two 140cm panels cover windows 100cm to 180cm   Two 165cm panels cover windows 120cm to 180cm   Two 180cm panels cover windows 160cm to 220cm   Two 240cm panels cover windows 210cm to 280cm   Two 300cm panels cover windows 280cm to 400cm   If it turns out that the eyelet curtain is not the one for you, we make it very easy to return the panels. We don’t ask questions. We don’t make a fuss. Just send us the curtains back and we’ll either exchange them for something else you’d like or offer you a full refund.   We are one of the Chinese curtain rod supplier , welcome to your come and purchase!