Title: What Are The Maintenance Steps Of The Villa Elevator
Tags: Villa Elevator
Blog Entry: The service life of any article can be extended by maintenance. The Villa Elevator we use in daily life also needs regular maintenance. Elevators are basically used every day, and their internal parts are very easy to wear and tear. The wear-out elevators will not only run at a lower speed, but also have a very worrying safety performance. It would be too late to wait until the elevator had an accident. Therefore, regular elevator maintenance should be carried out in every elevator area. Many people may not know much about this, Xiaobian will introduce the elevator maintenance standards, hoping to help you. Introduction to Villa Elevator Daily Maintenance Standards: (1) Check the elevator motor oil level, temperature rise, oil color and the sound of the motor is normal, there is no odor, abnormal noise and vibration, the elevator fan is running well, do a good job of cleaning the elevator outside. (2) Also check whether the transmission of elevator reducer has abnormal sound and vibration, whether there is oil leakage between the coupling shafts, and do a good job of cleaning the elevator's external. (3) Check the elevator brake coil temperature rise, check whether the elevator brake shoe, brake wheel and transmission arm can work normally. (4) Check whether the elevator relay and contactor are working properly, whether there is any odor or abnormal noise. (5) Check the operation of the towing rope, the towing wheel, the speed limiter, the anti-rope wheel, the anti-rope wheel, the guide wheel, the rising rope wheel of the elevator, whether everything is normal, whether there is any abnormal sound, whether there is any breakage of the towing rope, etc. (6) Check the elevator resistor, transformer and reactor whether there has been any heat condition. (7) Check whether the temperature of the engine room meets the relevant requirements, keep the room clean, do not pile up inflammable and corrosive articles in the engine room, fire fighting equipment are all well equipped, the access to the engine room should be unblocked, communication facilities are good, and the lighting of the engine room is normal or not. If there are abnormal phenomena, it should stop the ladder immediately for repair, adjustment or replacement. The situation that can not be dealt with temporarily but permits the suspension of treatment should be followed up, the development of elevators should be observed, and accidents should be prevented; if serious phenomena are found, the department head should be immediately reported for parking repair. Through the introduction of this article, you should have a general understanding of villa elevator maintenance and repair. From this article we can see that villa elevators need a lot of maintenance items. These maintenance are very necessary. Maybe many districts have not met the requirements of daily inspection and maintenance, but the weekly elevator maintenance is still very necessary. Only in this way can the elevator meet the requirements we set. In addition, we should also pay attention to the quality and quantity of maintenance to meet the relevant standards, really play a maintenance significance.