Title: The Aspects Influence The Quality Of The Villa Elevator
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Blog Entry: It is necessary to pay attention to the quality when purchasing a Villa Elevator . So what is the quality of the villa elevator? Next otse elevator manufacturers came to introduce you to the relevant content of elevator quality, together with this article to understand. One: installation link As the saying goes, three-point manufacturing, seven-point installation, no serious responsibility for the scientific installation and construction, and then the brand and equipment can not produce good results, especially non-standard customized products, the factory produced size and hole position some deviation is Unavoidable, this requires field installers to adjust and modify based on past experience. Because the home elevators are single-customized, the previous period is also relatively long. Many sellers in the market have no way to hire fixed installers. When there is a list, they will temporarily hire installation workers to install on site, as each manufacturer produces. The products designed are not the same, so the installers who are temporarily found have no experience in installing this product. Although the elevator can be installed successfully. Two: product configuration and function Household elevators are different from commercial passenger elevators. Household elevators are installed in private villas for single-person use only. Therefore, the state does not conduct mandatory inspection and annual inspection, but the elevator load, running speed, lifting height, and car area are all Regulations, so users must buy the right product at the time of purchase, do not buy a commercial elevator installed at home, when it comes to the problem of exceeding the standard over-the-year inspection and acceptance problems with the supplier can not understand. Household elevators have a single staff, and sometimes some people outside the fault can’t find them in time. Therefore, the villa elevator should be equipped with some user-friendly functional configurations, such as automatic power leveling device, remote release device, external phone function, etc. Three: professional sales engineer Sales of villa elevators are different from sales of household appliances. Since most users are retrofitted, all sizes must be customized according to the user’s site conditions. Ordinary salespeople may have good eloquence and language skills, but mention products. When you have professional knowledge and data size, you have to call and ask other technicians. This may lead to misunderstandings in the process of passing the message, resulting in the civil construction reservation, the mistakes made by the model selection scheme, and the equipment at that time. When the production is completed, it will cause a lot of problems when it is installed on the site, and even if it cannot be installed. The above is for everyone to introduce the quality factors affecting the villa elevator, I hope to help everyone. Affecting elevator quality installation, configuration and function as well as professional sales are all related.