Title: RuneScape 16 Year Anniversary
Blog Entry: Recently, in the sport some players have found the RuneScape Anniversary Cake, yes is meaning the 16 Year Anniversary Celebrations should start, even though this is not confirmed officially yet. Last year, there were a series of events marking many years of RuneScape, including a party area, balloons as well as a special anniversary edition of The Drop. But now we still do not know that Jagex the way to celebrate the 16 Year Anniversary and what events will any of us enjoy. Anyway, you'll be able to eat the revolutionary RS Anniversary Cake before it’s removed usually following January. More the most affordable OSRS gold or RuneScape Gold on the market at Have fun!Link: <a title =" Buy RuneScape Gold, OSRS Mobile Gold, Cheap RS 3 Gold Sale - MMOAH " href =" "> </a>