Title: Blizzard went to war with the fan of Path of Exile
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Blog Entry: The domain owner is one of the PoE fans who bought it back in September, and when the opportunity arose, he used it to play Blizzard on the nose. Of course, you did not have to wait long for men in suits from the Blizzard legal office to contact the scumbag and using the legal language "asked" to remove the diversion to the competition. The next step was to get the POE PS4 Currency domain forward, arguing that there was no reason why the player would want to keep it. See also: Promotion for Activision Blizzard games - a discount for the Black Friday has been launched The player quickly removed the redirect to the site, but did not transfer the domain to Blizzard. She is still in her possession. Currently, the website directs us to google. He promised, however, that when Blizzard intended to use this address for the purposes of the game, he would not make any problems and give the domain for free. Such a transaction involves Blizzard doing Diablo 4, then he gets a domain. ?? Referrals sent by a lawyer are to contact the Blizzard management and return with the answer to the player. When there is new news in the subject, let us know. Furthermore, if you would like to buy POE Currency PS4 , visit the site MMOAH enjoying best service!