Title: Nexon Concludes MapleStory's Chaos Update Series With Loads of New Content
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Blog Entry: It has become quite the eventful summer for Maple World as 'Chaos' is constantly on the roll out massive content updates to Nexon's side-scrolling action MMO, MapleStory. To conclude the Chaos series, Nexon has announced the Age of MapleStory 2 Mesos Triumph, a tremendous update which brings unique content exclusively to prospects players who traverse Maple World on Global MapleStory servers. A new adventure lies within the Age of Triumph, bringing players a wholly new story called the Silent Crusade. This complete quest for players level 37-110 introduces a battle force that are experts eliminating Master Monsters, a faction of enemies nothing you've seen prior seen in MapleStory. Throughout their journey over the Silent Crusade, players will likely be introduced to new NPCs that may aid them along their quest, including one character that can grab the hearts of players seeking a fresh romance. The Silent Crusade will likely be narrated through colorful, action-packed in-game cutscenes and through tandem battles with NPCs. Beyond the hours of the latest gameplay included with all the Silent Crusade, the Age of Triumph will even introduce the Global MapleStory exclusive Capture the Flag mode, a brand new game type included with MapleStory's PVP mode. Three to six players in 2 teams will fight with regards to opponents' flag, and the initial team to do this three times is declared the winner. Item drops, including speed ups, power ups, HP recoveries plus more will aid players over the battle, as well as additional points and medals for players that exhibit the actions of your true strategist. Players may also check their inventory to obtain the Crusader Codex, a necessary rolodex on the various monsters that roam Maple World. To complete their collection, players will must collect Monster Cards by defeating enemies. When certain pages are filled with all the cards which display monster information, including levels and item drops, players will get special prizes that reflect the completion in the book. Medals, between Beginner Collector to Legendary Collector, will probably be awarded to players as well as huge HP and MP power ups. If you want to Buy MS2 Mesos , please continue to keep an eye on MMOAH.