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Blog Entry: The Conspiracy: A news report played over the original installer makes mention of two high profile murders occuring around the same time as the forming of NASA, of a geophysicist and a strategist who worked together on the expedition to study the '52 meteor shower. Officially, there's no connection. but the manual reveals that the former conducted an analysis of the bio metal, and the latter was involved in field testing of the resulting vehicles. Kissing Discretion Shot: In "NYEEH" and "PROJECT VI MONTAGE", the video cuts out (or is covered by flamingos) when Benedick and Beatrice kiss. We don't get a proper snog until "BLEURGH." It's worth the wait. A variant occurs in Meg and Robbie's first appearance, when Bea pans the camera away from their makeout session in the middle of the football game. One Steve Limit: Why they're known as Mongolian Chop Squad overseas. Ordinary High School Student: Koyuki, at least until he ditches school for BECK. Also Saku. once he starts attending high school, Izumi is Put on a Bus as are almost all of his middle school colleagues , with Hiromi serving as a replacement of sorts, because she starts dating Saku). The So Called Coward: While her first instinct at the start of nearly every match she's in seems to be to make a hasty retreat from her opponent, Sasha has proved that when push comes to shove, and shove comes to shove through the wall, she will stand firm against her opponent. Two Husker commits Deontre Thomas and Brenden Jaimes are visiting this weekend, too. Both have received more offers and attention since they committed in the spring, but the Huskers' ability to identify their talent and be there first should pay off when the duo sticks in the class. Thomas was recently upgraded to a four star prospect by 247Sports. In Mazinger Z, the plot is set in motion when Big Bad Dr. Hell finds an army of giant robots in the underground mazes of the Greek island his archaeological expedition was researching, belonging to the lost Mykene civilization. Instantly he decides to seize that technology to further his goals of world domination. Too bad to him and the world the legitimate owners of that technology were still around. In one of the UFO Robo Grendizer mangas, Lost Technology had an important and dire role. Missing Mom: Kou's mother is cheap mlb jerseys dead. Yui was abandoned by her mother, since the mother's new husband didn't want to take care of her. My Greatest Failure: Kou's is being unable to save his mother, Tanaka sensei's is leaving Kou to deal with their mother's illness and death by himself. No Woman's Land: Most of the Elven Lords treat their wives and daughters better than their human slaves. somewhat. usually. Oblivious Adoption: It takes Shana a while to understand that she really isn't a dragon (which, since they can shapeshift into anything is not as silly as it sounds especially since at the time she didn't even know elves or humans still existed). Even the demo. Fortunately, it's been exorcised from the Steam and GOG versions. Damn You, Muscle Memory!: Several concepts work very different in 2, as compared to the first game and its expansions. The map no longer resets after you leave and then return. However, all units and structures which you build will be left intact, ready to be used upon your return should you have the need for them. Unfortunately, the new body comes with a lot of hallucinations of locations and people. Albright, the head of the shedding process, assures Damian that this is normal and gives him medication to help with it. Damian is convinced there's more to the hallucinations than that. Cue the discovery of a dark secret behind the process of shedding. This fic contains examples of: A Day in the Limelight: This fic is one for Jalal (and Hebi Na to an extent). Ascended Extra: While Jalal has played a part in about every Shadowhchaser fic, it is often limited to supporting roles. Here he actually takes a central role. The Atoner: Hebi Na. There's one in Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors. If it wasn't difficult enough per se, part of its nastiness comes from figuring out what the rows, columns and diagonals must equal. It gives you a hint in hexadecimal, though, which is a numerical base you've been using in previous puzzles; but you might as well have forgotten about it by the time you encounter this square, especially due to New Game+ reruns. The question of "Why not just shoot him now?!" is never addressed. A lesser example, after Poison Ivy's kiss fails to kill Robin she shoves him into the pond to drown him instead of just kissing him again after he removed the rubber lips. Then instead of staying to make sure he died she tries to leave while simple saying "see ya!" treating it as a break up instead of trying to kill her enemy. In the early game of Golden Sun managing Djinn is very important and very difficult, because of the way the game assigns new Djinni that you find. Come endgame, you have enough Djinn to keep summoning various gods over and over again, and it's much easier to line up the correct numbers of Djinn for massive stat boosts. They helped her advance her career, and then she left them for men who could give her more of what she wanted. Foregone Conclusion: It starts at Eva's funeral. Greek Chorus: Che, and the chorus in general. "I Am Becoming" Song: "Don't Cry for Me Argentina" zig zags this trope. When his landlord kicks him out after his roommate blows the rent money on Filipino hookers, 35 year old video game tester Alex has to find a new place to live. After trying unsuccessfully to crash at his dealer's place and a colleague's house, Alex moves in with his grandmother and her two roommates. Enemy Mine: The student council, who had largely been at odds with Akatsuki, end up helping him defeat Phil. Or at least slowing him down long enough for Akatsuki to recover. Epic Flail: Aihara Minami's Arms Device is a mean looking spiked ball attached to a length of chain. Even Evil Has Loved Ones: Myuu's father was the Evil Overlord back in her world. Mainly through violence. After two of his brothers die horribly, the third decides to return the last statue to the sea and beg forgiveness. He's met by their baby sister. and their mother, who grabs the statue from him, ranting about how they'll live like royalty, then plummets to her death. Different from An Aesop in that cheap jerseys the Central Theme is often a question or a general topic rather than a direct precept or conclusion. Of course, there can be a fine line between them, and the central theme can and often is used to develop and deliver the Aesop, but they are not strictly speaking the same. Even if the reader gets so incensed that they write their own story that comes to the conclusion that The Power of Friendship will not always prevail, the story they've just read will always be about the difficulties of sustaining The Power of Friendship no matter what. The Central Theme is what the story is fundamentally about. Ferro is a sub 16:00 runner on the state championship course at Holmdel Park, which is no small accomplishment. Last fall, the Shore Conference champion ran 15:51 to win NJSIAA Non Public A to lead the Colts to the team title, then followed that with a 16:13 at the Meet of Champions. That mark led a 16:24 team average as all five scorers were inside the top 23 for 82 points and the win. Deliberate Values Dissonance: Mac is prone to offhand homophobic comments because casual homophobia was considered normal in the 80s. She also smokes cigarettes, which eventually contributes to her death from leukemia in the '90s. All of this helps establish her as the redneck girl from the Wrong Side of the Tracks. Younger readers might be surprised to learn that the glass ceiling was that low in 1988. Tiffany was her church's first altar girl, making her, as KJ says, "the Amelia Earhart of crap that doesn't matter". Erin also mentions (in a discussion of Halloween candy of all things) that her neighbors don't like her family, likely due to good 'ol middle American racism. Domesticated Dinosaurs: Some of the Adult leaders ride pterosaurs. Dramatically Missing the Point: 1988!Erin hears "Mom's in heaven" and being a good little Catholic schoolgirl (as well as being primed by a nightmare she'd had the night before) assumes the speaker is being literal and not figurative. happy, because their younger sister Missy is engaged to a doctor while Erin herself is still single. Drugs Are Bad: 1988!Erin freaks out when she sees 2016!Erin pop a Xanax. It makes sense considering that she's been in school smack dab in the middle of the "Just Say No" campaign. Finding out that it's a prescription medication doesn't help calm her down any, since she immediately questions if her older self is ill. Dying Dream Erin has one after she gets shot. She doesn't die, though. However, because your friends do sometimes walk away, they are aware on some level that they causing distress. I worry that your friends marriage is in trouble. The early years are, in fact, a particularly vulnerable time, as the honeymoon phase fades and the realities of budgeting, child rearing and labor divisions come into stark view. As a good friend, please meet one or both of them for coffee. Tell them they are dear to you and you worried about all the fighting. Ask how you can help. Even surrounded by good friends, they both may be feeling very alone, and relieved to be asked.